Adult Program – People, Inc.
Sabrina was a 22 year-old single mother receiving food stamps when she enrolled in our program in 2009. She had no marketable skills and had been unemployed for 20 of the previous 26 weeks and was only working three or four hours per week for a cleaning service.

Sabrina demonstrated high motivation and a desire to succeed. After intensive job search was not successful in obtaining employment, Sabrina was placed into a three-week intensive nurse-aide course through Wytheville Community College at Edgemont Center nursing home. She completed the classes with both an A in classroom training and an A in clinical work.

She immediately began work at Edgemont Center. She passed her state board examination for licensure in December to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Sabrina remains employed and is very happy with her chosen occupation. The WIA Adult Program provided tuition assistance and supportive services, which was an excellent investment in Sabrina’s future. She hopes to advance in the nursing profession