The New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Area is a vibrant, diverse region with a long history of productivity. We are well known as a hub for American manufacturing, service, and transportation. The NR/MR Workforce Development Board and our partners have formulated a strategic plan to address the unique needs of our regional business throughout the coming years. Our agencies and partner organizations will continue to build a network of seamlessly coordinated services across the communities we serve. Please click on the links below to learn about how the WDB can help your organization.

For general inquiry on Business Services and/or the Workforce Development Board contact:

Marty Holliday

540-357-0651 (cell)



Business Services

+Sector Partnership

The New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board is convening three Sector Partnerships: Construction/Skilled Trades, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

  • Sector partnerships are partnerships of companies, from the same industry, with education, workforce development, economic development and community organizations that focus on key issues related to the target industry in their natural labor market region.
  • They are employer-driven; they are regional; they are convened by a credible third-party; they act as a coordinating body across multiple education, workforce development, economic development and other programs; they create highly customized responses to a target industry’s needs, and therefore highly accurate.

Each Partnership meets once a month (virtually).

For more information on the region’s Sector Partnerships contact:

Marty Holliday  540-357-0651

+No Cost Job Posting Sites and Resources

Have job openings to fill with quality candidates? Post them for free with this single point of contact reach many organizations and agencies! We are here to assist you.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Job Matching and Applicant Screening

Through a state-wide database your local providers can assist in searching for qualified candidates with specific skills you may be looking for. Are you interested in getting your applicants prescreened for you? We are here to assist you.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Special Request Labor Market Information

 If you’d like to identify trends, evaluate hiring practices, or monitor the progress of your industry in the region, we are here to assist you.

Marty Holliday 540-357-1651

+Employment/Unemployment Laws Information

Have questions/issues regarding employment or unemployment law? Our providers are state agencies who are versed in state law and mandates. We are here to assist you in finding the answers you need.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Hiring Special Populations with potential Tax Credits

Interested in identifying and hiring staff using tax credits? We can assist in identifying and hiring special population groups.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Training and/or Computer Lab Space/Resources

Need specialized training for your employees? Need computers for your training? Need an off-site space for training? There are providers in your area that can supply these services. We are here to assist you in finding the right source to meet your needs.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Employed Worker Training, On-the-Job Training Reimbursement Programs, Internships and/or Apprentice Opportunities

Interested in upskilling your current workers or hiring new workers with assistance of on-the-job programs or internships? There are many providers and resources in our region that can work with you to create a successful thriving program that meets your unique needs. We are here to assist you in making the right contact.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Small Business Loan and/or Business Planning Assistance

Are you ready to start your own business? Are you a small business owner interested in growing? Need assistance finding and securing business financing? Whatever your small business need, let us connect you with the proper resource.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Job Fairs and/or Customized Recruitment Events

Are you ready to expand your workforce? Looking for skilled workers? Searching for candidates for those hard-to-fill positions. Let us help you find upcoming recruitment events or design one to meet your needs.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Diversity, Disability and Workplace Accommodation, Assistance and/or Training*

Are you in need of accommodations to assist in your job performance? Are you an employer that needs more information about working with employees with disabilities or workplace accommodations? Are you interesting in training on accessibility? We can help connect you with the resources you need.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Skill Assessments (for job applicants and/or employees)*

Are you a job seeker trying to understand your skill set so you can focus on finding the right position? Are you an employer trying to assess the skill level of potential or current employees? We can assist you in finding the right assessment resource.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Customized Job Profiling*

Are you interesting in identifying the characteristics and necessary skills for your company’s jobs? Do you need to create a working definition of each of your company’s positions? We can help connect you with the resources to create these job profiles.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Customized Employee Training Programs*

Need a customized training program for your current employees?  Need computers to use for your training program?  Need space to use for your training program?  If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help you find the right source.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Peer to Peer Networking Opportunities

Looking for opportunities to network with local professionals? Let us help you discover the events and organizations that will best fit your unique needs.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

+Business Related/Relevant Seminars*

Interested in seminars on business related topics? Searching for professional development opportunities for yourself or your employees? There are many training and seminars available in the region; let us help you find the ones that are right for you.

Kimber Simmons 540-357-1651

*These services may have a cost.