Arielle W. completed her GED with the Mt. Rogers Adult Education Program provided at the Wytheville Onestop Campus. She had been homeschooled by her mom and decided last spring she wanted to go ahead and get her GED under her belt so she could go to college. Her mom researched through the internet and found the Mt. Rogers Adult Education Program and felt like it would be a good fit for her daughter.

She enrolled in the program on July 5, 2017 and completed her GED on February 27, 2018. She originally felt that she would complete the program in a few months but found out as she went on that it was going to take a little longer. Did she give up? NO! She set a goal to finish by her 18th birthday in November. When that date passed she set a new goal for Christmas time. When that date passed she set another goal for February and that’s when she succeeded.

Arielle says that the key to her success was “setting daily goals of working on GED academy and practicing skills that she was challenged with.” She admits that she struggled with concepts in math and writing the essay in Reading but she didn’t let that discourage her from continuing to complete her GED. When she didn’t understand something she would ask for help from her teachers who would work through the problems with her and give her tips and strategies to use and redo lessons on GED academy. Her new motto is “practice makes perfect.” She even got her first job through the help of her teachers at Mt. Rogers.

We asked Arielle what she enjoyed most about the class and she stated, “the people.” Arielle has now set a new goal of applying to Wytheville Community College and maybe enrolling into the dental hygiene program. She is excited about her future and the opportunities that have opened up for her now she has gotten her GED.