Skills Gap

2013/14 Regional Skills Gap Analysis

The New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Area Consortium Board and the New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board contracted with Virginia Tech’s Office of Economic Development to perform a Skills Gap Analysis of their region (which covers all of the New River Valley and Mount Roger’s Planning Districts). The outcome of this regional study (which began January 2013) was to acquire the data necessary to develop a coordinated skills development (“Talent Pipeline”) approach to future workforce training and resource allocation for the region. The processes of the study will included: the collection and analysis of public and private statistical data; engagement of economic developers and business/industry leaders through surveys and interviews, to identify regional industry trends and how they impact their current and future workforce skill needs; engagement of regional workforce development stakeholders to identify and catalog existing workforce development resources and initiatives (this includes education: pre-school through post graduate levels); research on ‘best practices’ programs in workforce development in Virginia and nationwide to provide examples specific to addressing WIA 2 skills development needs, and; engagement of all regional stakeholders to develop an “ implementation plan” to pursue strategies to improve regional initiatives to address workforce skills gaps (the implementation plan will have region wide strategies as well as more localized strategies). The Study was completed September 2014. Updates to the study will be done in sections begin sometime in 2016. For more up-to-date information contact Marty Holliday at

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Part A Regional Economic And Workforce Profile Final 579.2 KiB
Part C Health Care And Social Assistance Final 732.3 KiB
Part D Agriculture Finalpdf 422.7 KiB

City and County Information such as Top Industry Sectors, Employment Growth and Trends

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Name Size
Bland County 12 13 158.9 KiB
Bland County Health 117.8 KiB
Bland County Mfg Revised 317.5 KiB
Bristol City Mfg QCEW 362.2 KiB
Bristol City Profile 210.0 KiB
Carroll County Health 119.8 KiB
Carroll County Mfg Final 242.2 KiB
Carroll Profile 259.5 KiB
Floyd County Health 223.7 KiB
Floyd County Mfg 303.6 KiB
Floyd Profile 258.6 KiB
Galax City Health 120.1 KiB
Galax City Mfg Final 249.9 KiB
Galax Profile 233.5 KiB
Giles County Health 228.5 KiB
Giles County Mfg 282.0 KiB
Giles County Profile 245.7 KiB
Grayson County Health 116.2 KiB
Grayson County Mfg Final 518.7 KiB
Grayson County Profile 196.8 KiB
Montgomery County Mfg 388.7 KiB
Montgomery County Mfg 388.7 KiB
Montgomery County Health 234.9 KiB
Montgomery County Health 234.9 KiB
Montgomery County Profile 198.1 KiB
Mt Rogers PDC Profile 305.7 KiB
New River PDC Profile 293.6 KiB
Pulaski County Health 228.5 KiB
Pulaski County Mfg 318.2 KiB
Pulaski County Profile 185.5 KiB
Radford City Health 227.5 KiB
Radford City Mfg 367.0 KiB
Radford City Profile 179.3 KiB
Smyth County Profile 264.6 KiB
SmythCounty Mfg 360.6 KiB
Washington County Health 232.7 KiB
Washington County Mfg 297.8 KiB
Washington County Profile 333.2 KiB
Wythe County Health 122.3 KiB
Wythe County Mfg 308.8 KiB
Wythe County Profile 330.4 KiB