I am excited to share my success in Peer Recovery with you. Taking this class has completely changed my life and outlook on recovery. Thanks to your support, I am able to share my experience with others and help them walk through recovery to the path of peace and freedom. After a successful 20 year career in Emergency Services and business, my life took an unexpected turn. I was introduced to crystal methamphetamine and everything changed. Everything I once enjoyed no longer mattered; there was only crystal meth. Life centered around “meth” and the pleasure it provided. I spent six years lost in addiction living an unethical immoral lifestyle. My family, friends, and career no longer mattered. Meth completely changed me from a loving and caring man who loved God and family to the complete opposite. My addiction took everything I had worked hard for and loved. It almost took the precious life with which the Lord had blessed me. That was until I began treatment at Eagles Nest. During treatment in their program, I have been surrounded by recovery peers who have helped me walkthrough recovery, teaching me ways to overcome my addition. Through their experience and care, they also taught me how to help others do the same. With the help of The Eagles Nest and the Peer Recovery classes, I have been able to overcome addiction and better understand it. This has prepared me for success in the field of substance abuse recovery. Thanks to your support, you have made this possible and changed my life.