Jesse entered the WIOA Youth program on April 11, 2016 as an Out of School Youth. Jesse was 19 years old, his father had just passed away and he had lost his mother before that. Jesse is now responsible for taking care of his sister, did not have a job, and no training.

Jesse qualified as low income and was basic skills deficient. His goal was to obtain his Commercial Driver’s License and drive a truck.

Jesse worked with WIOA Staff to chart a path to becoming a truck driver. With entry to training by CDS through the Workforce Credential Grant, Jesse was approved for participation with additional funding to cover the full cost.

Jesse successfully completed training and obtained his Commercial Driver’s License on February 9, 2017.

With his license, Jesse then worked with Staff to obtain employment. He began work with a construction company for a few months before obtaining a job as a driver with Con Roc in Christiansburg, VA, where he is still employed. Jesse earns $15.00 per hours and is able to support his self and his family.