Work Talk

Work Talk is a podcast about happenings in the region’s businesses. Businesses that participate in the podcast have the opportunity to tell their story; who are they, what do they do and what do they need to be competitive? Job seekers, through listening to the podcast, have the opportunity to learn about business needs and expectations and how they might prepare to go to work for a particular business and/or in a particular industry. We recognize that the more we understand about what businesses want/need, the more likely we are to meet that need.

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E20: Recruitment and Retention in the IT Sector

In this episode you’ll hear from Brendan Walsh from the 1901 Group, as he discusses the work that his organization does delivering innovative IT solutions. He also reveals what they look for in potential applicants and retention strategies.

E19: The Heart Project- Helping Coal Impacted Businesses

In this episode, you’ll learn about the Heart Project, and its mission of connecting businesses and manufacturers, impacted by the fluctuations within the coal industry, with new opportunities. Discover how the project helps businesses through leveraging existing resources, providing business outreach, and more. 


E18: Spotlight Series – New River Community College

In this episode you’ll learn about New River Community College, and how they prepare students for a variety of careers. Discover some of the most popular certificate and degree programs that the college offers. More information about New River Community College and their programs can be found at

E17: Best Practices and Business Services Database

In this episode, you’ll learn about the best practices that are going on in the region, as well as how the B2B Engage CRM is being used as a tool to track and engage businesses. This special episode was recorded live at the NAWB Forum 2019. 

E16: Filling Middle Skill High-Demand Occupations

In this episode you’ll learn about the Pathways to The American Dream project. The geographic area to be served by the project (roughly 25% of the state of Virginia) encompasses 25 counties, 8 cities and includes the Alleghaney Highlands, Roanoke Valley, West Piedmont, New River Valley and extends to Southwest Virginia.The goals of the project include creating a regional workforce strategy for sector partnerships in the Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Information Technology industries, as well as increasing opportunities for un- and underemployed adults and incumbent workers to develop their skills and earn credentials in high-demand occupations.

E15: How to Prepare for Job Fairs

In this episode, you’ll learn about the job fairs going on the region, and how you can best prepare for a job fair and increase your chances for success!

E14: IT Careers in Virginia- Opportunities and Trends

In this episode you’ll discover initiatives in the region to help workers upskill and find well paying IT jobs. You’ll hear from companies who are looking for IT workers, and the impact that Amazon’s new headquarters may have on tech talent in Virginia.

E13: Providing Job Opportunities for Youth

In this episode, you’ll hear about WIOA youth programs in the region and how they help young people prepare for and obtain meaningful employment. Discover how programs are individualized in order to achieve successful outcomes.

E12: How to Tap Into The Labor Pool of Persons with Disabilities

In this episode you’ll discover how and why the business community is choosing to tap into the labor market of persons with disabilities. You’ll also learn about the various services and supports that are available to support both job seekers and employers.

Mentioned in this episode:
Pathways to the American Dream Project
Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center 
VR Workforce Studio Podcast

E11: The Power of Apprenticeships

In this episode you’ll discover why apprenticeships have become such a hot topic today and the power they have to help fill the skills gap in a tight labor market. You’ll hear real stories about successful apprenticeship programs and the takeaway and lessons learned from those experiences.

Mentioned in this episode:
Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board
Virginia Department of Labor and Industry
Registered Apprenticeship Program