Work Talk

Work Talk is a podcast about happenings in the region’s businesses. Businesses that participate in the podcast have the opportunity to tell their story; who are they, what do they do and what do they need to be competitive? Job seekers, through listening to the podcast, have the opportunity to learn about business needs and expectations and how they might prepare to go to work for a particular business and/or in a particular industry. We recognize that the more we understand about what businesses want/need, the more likely we are to meet that need.

For more information about Work Talk, contact Marty Holliday at or 540-357-0651

E48: Regional Trends in Economic Development

In this episode, you’ll hear from two (2) regional economic development leaders about how they work with the Virginia Economic Development and the efforts that are underway to support and grow targeted industries. Discover the importance of placemaking and infrastructure improvements in attracting and retaining businesses and talent to the region.

E47: Strengthening Our System, Inc.- Providing Quality Care and a Person Centered Approach

In this episode, you’ll learn about Strengthening Our System, Inc. (SOS) and the services that they provide for individuals with disabilities and individuals with mental health concerns. Discover the history of the organization, the job opportunities that are available, and the necessary requirements to get started in this field.

E46: Opportunities with Blue Ridge Designs

In this episode, you’ll discover the story of Blue Ridge Designs, a Carroll County-based screen-printed apparel manufacturer. Discover the job opportunities available with Blue Ridge Designs, and the application and hiring process.


E45: The Virginia Road to Success Program- Increasing Self-Sufficiency, Connecting to an In-Demand Career

In this episode, you’ll hear from a guest panel about the Virginia Road to Success Program (RSVP) which focuses on helping individuals increase self-sufficiency through stable continuous employment. Discover the key partnerships that help the RSVP program to assist participants in obtaining employment that leads to self-sufficiency along an identified career pathway.

E44: The Virginia Economic Development Partnership- Making Virginia the Best State for Businesses, Workers and Families

Stephen Moret, President and CEO of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, joins the program to discuss the work that his organization is doing to advance economic growth and economic development across the Commonwealth of Virginia. He also discusses the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Virginia’s economy and the efforts that are underway to help the state fully recover.

E43: The Appalachian Regional Commission’s POWER Initiative

In this episode, you’ll learn about the Appalachian Regional Commission’s POWER (Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization) project Pathways to a Strong and Healthy  Region. ARC POWER Initiative supports efforts to create a more vibrant economic future for coal-impacted communities by cultivating economic diversity, enhancing job training and re-employment opportunities, creating jobs in existing or new industries, and attracting new sources of investment.

Discover how the Pathways to a Strong and Healthy Region project will be focused on individuals with substance use disorder, regional communities and businesses to build a Recovery Ready Region through the ARC POWER funding opportunity.

E42: Update on Youth Services

In this episode, you’ll hear about youth programming available in the region. Discover eligibility requirements, services offered, and how to connect youth to educational and training opportunities to achieve their overall employment goals.

E41: Community Awareness Podcast 8 – An Update on Job Seeker Services and Programs

This community awareness podcast provides an update on available job seeker services and programs. Discover how to connect with employers during the COVID-19 pandemic, how to identify training opportunities and wraparound services, and more.

E40: Innovating and Changing the Perception of Individuals with Disabilities

Rick Sizemore, Media Specialist at the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, and former Director of the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center, joins the program to discuss the mission and impact of the VR Workforce Studio Podcast. Rick reveals what it’s like to host and produce the podcast, and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had both on the delivery of services to persons with disabilities, as well as messaging.

E39: Economic Equity and the Road to Success in Virginia Program

Jenny Bolte, Deputy Director of the New River Mt. Rogers Workforce Development Board, returns to the program to provide an update about the Pathway to the American Dream grant, as well as 2 new projects that are funded through the Virginia community college system. Discover how to get training for an in-demand healthcare career, and eligibility requirements.