One of the best things that ever happened to me was being incarcerated. Bad decisions and substance use led to an arrest that forced me to hit rock bottom. While I was in jail, I met a man named Greg Lee. He was serving time for the same things. We both had families that we had let down and made a pack when we were released we would make a change. We planned on turning our lives around and becoming the men our families deserved. Upon my release I wondered where Greg was from time to time. One Sunday morning at the gas station, I ran into a man who looked familiar but changed. It was Greg who told me he had changed his life and was on his way to church. He invited me to come with him and give God a try. I was so impressed by the change I saw and wanted it for myself. That morning I made the decision to change my life and live for God. My church has a recovery group that I attended faithfully with Greg and his family. In January, we lost Greg to cancer. I felt lost and disappointed but held onto what I knew Greg would want me to do. At Group one Monday night two ladies, Angi and Liz, came and spoke to us about training programs that could help us find a career. I had always dreamed of being a long haul truck driver and took the chance, enrolling in Wytheville Community College. I wanted to do this for my family, myself and to make Greg proud. I was very blessed to be enrolled in the RSVP and POWER grants and have the help to further my school and job opportunities. Because we serve a mighty God who blesses us beyond measure and the RSVP and POWER grants, I’ve had opportunities that I would not have been able to obtain in my own abilities. RSVP and POWER grants, I’ve had opportunities that I would not have been able to obtain in my own abilities.
I was stuck in a cycle of dead-end jobs and struggling to make ends-meet. Thanks to God and these programs. I’ve been able to accomplish graduating from Wytheville Community College and receiving my CDL certification and have started a new job as a long haul trucker. I am now able to make a living and support my family in a job I’ve always dreamed of. I now have the start of a promising career and long-term success. I’ve been hired by Boyd Brothers flatbed company, and I am looking forward to a future with them and the open road ahead of me! Thank You Angie and Liz for all your help and guidance! Through Christ our Lord all things are possible!

Buddy completed the CDL program at Wytheville Community College. He is employed by Boyd Brothers Transportation.