Strategic Plans

The NRMRWDB’s strategic plan is intended to be a management tool and has two primary purposes.

  • To present a wide-ranging compilation of the plan and its component parts. It encapsulates the strategic planning process as well as the views and decisions of stakeholders.
  • To serve as a guidance tool for strategic planning. Each section contains information about its component part as well as additional information about how the NRMRWDB can use the information in the plan.

Our strategic plan is a living document to serve as a roadmap toward our intended outcomes and anticipated impact.  Thus, the boards and staff will review our plan’s progress bi-monthly and will update the plan quarterly as needed.


Updates to the PY21-PY23 Strategic Plan:

Modification Summary

Confirmation of Required Revisions

Appendix D


PY21-PY23 Strategic Plan

Acknowledgements and Executive Summary

Section 1: Workforce and Economic Analysis

Section 2: Strategic Vision and Goals

Section 3: Local Area Partnerships and Investment Strategies

Section 4: Program Design and Evaluation

Section 5: Compliance

Section 6: Informational Attachments


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