Executive Summary

Workforce Development is the strategic transformation of available human capital that is focused on skills-development that supports regional business and industry to encourage economic growth and competitiveness. The regional workforce system is comprised of a variety of organizations and agencies that provide: income supports to current and potential workers and job training and placement services that meet the staffing needs of regional businesses. The New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Investment Area Consortium Board and the New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Investment Board are the facilitators and conveners of the workforce system and, as such, encourage a comprehensive approach to Workforce Development in the region.

NR/MR WIA PY12-16 Strategic Plan highlights include:

  • Develop and implement a branding strategy for the region’s workforce development programs.
  • Become more data-driven and performance-based in our region’s workforce development and educational programs.
  • Expand partnerships to reflect the economic and workforce diversity of the region.
  • Drive programs and funding to ensure education and training alignment with Business & industry, and economic development needs.
  • Match industry standards with workforce preparedness, as industry innovates and changes to become more competitive.
  • Promote lifelong learning for sustainable economic growth.
  • Highlight transferrable skills to promote the emergence of new jobs and economic diversity.